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  • Experienced, qualified A-Level teacher

  • Maths specialist

  • Courses tailored to you and your needs

  • Friendly, patient and professional

If you think you might benefit from a bit of extra support in your Maths or Further Maths A or AS level, or you need a quick booster course before your exams, then I can help you.

Online tuition

Online tuition has come a long way in the past few years. With fast internet, developments in technology, and software built with collaboration and communication in mind, it can now offer all the advantages of traditional tutorials and much more!

By using a combination of collaborative online working tools I am able to teach in much the same way as if I were sitting in the same room! I can talk face to face with students, share documents and worksheets, teach using a whiteboard onto which I can paste and annotate a student's work, worksheets, notes, anything really. Students can also write and paste onto the whiteboard, enabling the student and tutor to work together. All notes and collaborations are saved for the student to go over after the session at their leisure.

Anxiety meant that my daughter was unable to sit her exams in year 13, and she was studying alone for resits in 2023. Martin`s tutoring was hugely helpful during this year. She found that he broke down complex concepts in ways that made them much clearer to her, compared to the textbook or her previous teachers. He was also very understanding when her anxiety meant that she sometimes struggled to focus. She has managed to sit her exams this summer, and we are hopeful she has the grades she needs for uni.


Martin has been my son’s Edexcel Maths A level Tutor from September 2022 through to June 2023.
Martin has a fabulous approach to teaching A level Maths. When working through papers and examples with my son Martin would make sure that he fully understood why he had made any mistakes which helped him resolve the problem himself.
My son cannot speak highly enough of the encouragement and insights that Martin has provided since becoming his tutor.
We wish Martin every success in his future endeavours and thank him for his time and effort in coaching my son.


Martin’s style of teaching is engaging, which makes learning challenging mathematical concepts easier to grasp. His patience, attentiveness, and enthusiasm allows me to think in various, unique ways, to understand a topic. I would highly recommend Martin’s services to others - from a pleased sixth former.




Working with a professionally qualified and experienced teacher will enable you to learn quickly and efficiently. They will be able to assess your learning needs quickly and fit their teaching style to your requirements. They will be able to teach anything you need thoroughly and will be well aware of the common pitfalls and mistakes students make and know the best ways to explain difficult concepts and methods. They will be familiar with exam questions and the ways to answer them that will maximise your marks. There really is no replacement for a qualified and experienced teacher and the extra cost involved will be well worth it.


I have an extensive repertoire of methods and materials to help any student improve their understanding of A-Level Maths, no matter what stage they are at or how complete their understanding is.

Individually tailored

One to one tuition creates the possibility of tailoring a course to specifically target an individual student and meet their individual needs. In this way it is much more effective than classroom teaching which is generally aimed at the ‘average’ student. With this individualised approach I can better help prepare students for exams, helping them to achieve results that give the best reflection of their ability and hard work.


One-to-one tuition never lets the student fall behind, never allows the student to feel inadequate and will never leave a student stuck, unable to move onwards.

One-to-one tuition can boost a student's confidence, giving a greater sense of achievement which in turn helps them to experience more enjoyment in the subject, motivating them to do well. For these reasons it can be an ideal compliment to classroom tuition or can work equally well as a standalone course.

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