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How it works...

I use Microsoft Teams for online teaching, which has some great features, such as file sharing, a chat system and automatic - outside classroom - access to any board work that is done during a lesson, which is great for students to review the lesson and to consolidate the parts of the lesson afterwards. It also allows access to personal whiteboard space for students to complete set work and receive returned, marked work.


You can use the web interface for Teams, but the downloadable app works best. Get it here: Microsoft Teams


You will also need a Microsoft account. If you don't already have one, you can sign up here: Microsoft sign-up

The student will have access to a team which will include myself and if it is a group lesson, any other students in the group. There is a chat facility which can be used outside lessons to leave messages or have brief discussions.  During the lesson we will be able to see each other and talk normally. I will use a whiteboard application (One-Note) which the student will be able to see and interact with. Any notes, annotations, corrected work or anything else the whiteboard is used for will be permanently accessible to the student after the lesson. Files are easily shared from within teams and the shared files are accessible from a file browser within teams at any time. This means that there will be no more worksheets or instructions getting lost in the depths of the email inbox ever again. Everything is there waiting in Teams, neatly ordered and easily accessible, before, during and after the lesson.

I have been teaching online lessons for the last two years, both one to one individual tuition and small groups. It is a highly convenient and safe way to teach for student and tutor alike and with the development of technology in recent years it has become my favourite way of giving private tuition.

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