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How to age less than your friends (Relativity Ch1 - The Twin Paradox)

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Time Dilation and the Twin Paradox

And now for something a little different: Relativity. Relativity has always fascinated me, with its strange conclusions that seem to make no sense whatsoever, it seems like a trip into a science fiction story. The amazing thing is, is that a lot of these predictions have been proven to be true, they are not fiction at all! I have written a small book in five chapters attempting to explain the basics of what is called 'Special Relativity' (ie the special case without any gravitational influences) whilst trying to avoid all of the difficult maths. I will look into and explain two of the most popular paradoxes of Special Relativity examining them from a number of different angles and attemp to show that there are in fact no paradoxes at all. All you need to undertand these articles is to be confident with your basic algebraic rearranging skills, so it is possible to read this with no more than a GCSE in Maths. Of course, the physics aspect of it is quite mind boggling, so read it slowly, there is no rush. If you can manage to absorb what is in these articles you cannot fail to be amazed!

I'll start with Chapter 1: Time Dilation and the Twin Paradox

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Unknown member
Apr 22, 2021

hmm... very nice...

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